BIAB Builder in a Bottle

What is BIAB Builder in a Bottle?

BIAB – which stands for builder in a bottle – also known as builder gel is a range of strengthening gel products that are applied to the natural nail, much in the same way regular gel polishes are, but it has a thicker consistency that improves the nail’s strength. That added protection enables nails to grow steadily and lessens the chances of snapping or breakage.

What’s the difference between BIAB and gel?

BIAB is ultimately still a gel product but with a thicker consistency. When it cures under the lamp, it creates a harder and more durable finish than regular gel polish. Generally BIAB comes in a smaller range of colours (mostly pale and pastel shades of pinks and purples), but you can apply any other gel polish over a clear BIAB base if you want to, meaning you can still go all out with nail art and bright neons if you fancy.

What’s the difference between BIAB and Acrylic?

BIAB vs Acrylic, the most common question asked in our salon everyday. Is BIAB better for the nails, nope. They are both the same, it’s to do with the application process. When applied and maintained correctly, neither of these products damage the nails. It is application, incorrect maintainance and incorrect removal which causes the damage.