Nail Art

Nail Art is life

Whether it’s a simple french design or a fully customised full set of glass acrylics with different designs on each finger, we absolutely love it.

Our facebook and instagram fully showcases our work and we upload new designs that our customers have requested weekly.

If you have a simple or complex design, either from something you’ve drawn, your favorite instagram or pinterest page, we will recreate this for you while adding a little of your personality in it.

To book any nail art appointment, you need to know what base you are going with.

We can create on the natural nail with gel (manicure with gel base) or on top of acrylics with gel (full set arylics with gel or infill acrylics with gel) or on top of BIAB (BIAB overlay, BIAB Extensions, or infill BIAB)

Once you know what base you want, book that appointment and where it says EXTRAS, pick either nail art 2 nails for a simple design on 1 nail on each hand, or complex nail art for a simple or complex design on any amount of fingers you want or french tips (we do toes also)

If you are unsure on the best base for you, speak to one of our lovely nail techs by ringing 01245931933 or popping into our salon

To look through some of our previous designs click below to go to our socials